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History, experience, tradition...

O the history of chocolate we cannot rewrite, but lo, a story of chocolate at Nestville begins, for 'tis chocolate, such a sweet delight. We continuators of this tradition sweet, concoct something deeply luxurious for our visitors to eat.


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History, experience, tradition. everything here and now

Chocolate was considered also as a sacred drink in past. People believed this drink can give us the energy for the entire day. It was a drink of monarchs and kings. Chocolate has been used even as aphrodisiac. No doubts, it has beneficial effects on human body.


In present busy time, one cannot enjoy this extraordinary taste, therefore we want you to stop for a while and spend some good time with us and our quality chocolate, the taste of Belgian pralines and many attractions our Nestville Chocolate wants you to offer.


Our idea is to stop for a while and enjoy this delicious taste. Because chocolate connects people, is a mean to approach each other and the reason of joy. We want to offer you the feeling of delight and enjoyment in every single sip and piece and give you a time to enjoy the life.


Enjoy your meal.

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Nestville Chocolate

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Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 10.00 - 20.00
Friday - Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00

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GPS: 49.302590, 20.639014 NAVIGATE

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Nestville Chocolate
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